Tuesday, 27 April 2010

En mes vacances...

I went out for dinner recently in Del Ray beach in South Florida and afterwards we walked along past all the restaurant and came across this AMAZING cupcake shop with amazing decor!

                          Cupcake Couture!

And the best part was that the cupcakes were all named after designers! This one is called 'Jimmy Choo-colate'

                  'Cocoa Chanel'. Brilliant.

Some of the cupcakes include - Halston, Tory Burch, Jean Paul Gaultier, Coco Chanel, Jimmy Choo and more. So sad I dont remember the name of the store.

It was so eclectic with the designs and retro it wasnt like any sweet or cupcake shop i'd seen before. Anyone fancy getting one like this in England?

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wishlist for ...now

So my wishlist for the month.. seeing as I change my mind so frequently, I thought I should write down my thoughts on what I actually want!...

I'm so excited as I've finally got my Ralph Lauren blazer! I have wanted one for so long and im so happy. It's a fitted blazer - navy and white striped with the RL logo on the breast pocket. J'adore ca.

Obviously, Christopher Kane dresses are amazing, but not something that I could find transferrable to everyday wear.

So i've decided as I love gingham so much to choose or buy something that wouldnt be so expensive but wearable and pretty! This skirt from topshop would be perfect.

I really love these scallop trimmed shorts from asos. I don't have any smart black shorts so I think these would be nice to wear in the evenings or even during the day with a casual t-shirt and a belt.
I think thats all I want right now, but tomorrow, hmm well you never know!


So im stuck in florida
I was meant to go home last saturday night, but because of the stupid volcano im still here
not so bad, but still pretty annoying!

My camera is broken :( so when i get back i will put on some pictures from my sisters and dads camera

Im also pretty excited because i got some new shoes from topshop!
Sometime soon, if i dont forget. I will put on a photo of them, they are navy wooden clogs and just perfect for summer and the clog trend.