Sunday, 12 December 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Last night I went to my friend Georgie's house and I walked into her bedroom and was so excited and shocked to see she had managed to buy a Lanvin for H&M dress!

Such a gorgeous dress, incredibly jealous of her. She even allowed me to try it on!

Love it!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Patchworks ltd.

Patchworks is a new company that create and offer original and individual t shirts that are stylish and unique to the market.They offer personalised t shirts upon request, and take orders for t shirts.They are based in Watford and take orders either over facebook, phone or email. In order to contact them please visit their contact page -!/pages/Patchworksltd/134754159911013. Email them if you have any requests or queries about their t shirts - details below.
                                          Fringed Crop Tee
                                        Cropped Swallow Tee
                                                            Gold Peace Tee
                                                 USA Sleeveless Tee
                                          Cropped Grey Tye-dye Tee

Each t shirt costs £10 and come in sizes XS, S and Medium.

                                           Example of T-shirt with labels

They will be selling their t-shirts in Watford Market, (by the Harlequin) the entire day on Saturday 11th December. Email for orders.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Valentino for Gap

What a crazy morning it has been for me, and even more what a mad week for designer/high-street collaborations. We had Lanvin for H&M earlier this week and today Valentino for Gap showcased their collaboration at their Oxford Street Flagship store.

Of course, as I wasn't able to be at the H&M store for the Lanvin collaboration (sob) due to school commitments, I was certain that I would be present for the opening of the Valentino for Gap one. Not to be missed, they had an in-store DJ blasting songs and a general overall feeling of customer satisfaction. Oxford St is closed for pedestrians this weekend so be sure to get down to Oxford St tomorrow for a relatively stress-free shopping experience without the hassle of overcrowded streets and cars.

I managed to salvage some amazing items. The collection only featured about six items, all in khaki with parka style material bar one grey t-shirt. My favourite items were high-waisted khaki trousers with incredible detailing which is prominent in past Valentino collections and a high collared parka.


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Something that has been long anticipated for and has been highly written and blogged about is the collaboration between Alber Elbaz for Lanvin and H&M. He has designed a capsule range of clothing, accessories and shoes in his signature style for much less than the cost of the high-end collection.

Lanvin is a sought after designer label, often seen on the power-players and classy celebrities of this decade. Spotted frequently on the red carpet, Alber has produced a brand that is highly influential and most dresses spurning hundreds of high-street copies.

Leighton Meester - a poster girl for Lanvin shows how possible it is to take runway dresses from the Lanvin catwalk and with their versatility to use them for evening wear. This is so important for designers because their clothes must be beautiful and elaborate, but also wearable for the everyday consumer.


This collaboration has caused more of a media frenzy than any of H&M's past collaborations between Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo. This may be because British women often aspire to dress like their French counterparts and see French style as sophisticated and effortless; something that not many English women are able to master. Many of us are hoping that with Alber's help of affordable high-end fashion at low-end prices, we too might be able to carry off that Parisian bon chic look.

The collection arrives in store on Tuesday 23rd November. It arrives online at 7am and when the store opens at 9am. Get ready to sharpen those elbows!

Here are my favourite items:


Friday, 19 November 2010


I have been incredibly absent from my blog for the past few months due to a HUGE workload increase due to AS levels and work commitments. However, I feel I have finally (or so I hope to) have the balance finally right between working and having enough free time to blog regularly.
I feel like I have missed out on sooooo many things that I've wanted to blog about and being highly frustrated wit not having enough time to blog the way I have in the past.
But...I am going to commit to writing more (perhaps not every day) but as much as possible as I've really missed it and can't wait to fill up my blog again with my new inspirations, new season trends, influences and ideas.
Keep you posted x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011 Show

One of my favourite shows from this season has to of course be Burberry's SS11 collection. The clothes took an edgier turn with sharp detailing and flashes of fluorescent colours of orange, lime and baby blue in the clutch bags and thin belts.

Christopher Bailey the man who can make a thousand stylish coats from one simple trench created a whole new Burberry aesthetic whilst keeping the timeless trench coats and adding new flair and zest to an otherwise always perfect collection.

The studded £15,000 biker jacket really took my attention but then the girl wearing it managed my capture my attention just that little bit more... Poor old Nina Porter, only sixteen years old and she's already gone and done a Naomi Campbell circa 1994 at Vivenne Westwood. You can't help but feel sorry for her in those teetering heels as she falls, but I have to give her support as she regained her grace by hopping off one foot.

There was great controversy over the use of snake-skin jackets for a few items and many fashionistas are questioning the true price of fashion? Would you wear real snake-skin if you heard how it was made?

The main attributes of this line were leather (lots and lots of it!), camel tones, fluerescent belts, bags and a few smock type dresses. Tight leather trousers and legging type trousers were commonly seen on most models and if this a sign for the future, well then...personally I can't wait! A few metallic items were featured which although they are of course without a doubt gorgeous, I can't help but be reminded of Balmain everytime I now see metallics or glitter. Maybe not so original?

However, I really am in love with the bags and the studded leather cropped trenches, they are a totally different direction for Burberry and therefore this is why Burberry is my favourite SS11 collection so far.

             (A few celebrities on the front row... Sarah Jessica Parker included)

Now we just wait until this season is seen on the fashionistas of the world. Who do you think will be next to pull of these looks?

Monday, 27 September 2010

London Fashion Weekend

On Sunday, I went to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House in London. Having previously been in February I knew what to expect of it, but of course that didn't stop me feeling highly excited in anticipation for the day.

I arrived at 12:30 pm and promptly spent the next two or so hours blissfully walking around Somerset House gawping and touching all the clothes being sold (for those of you unware, this event is the opportunity for designers to sell their clothes to a larger market). All the items being sold, jewellery, clothes, shoes etc were sold at much lower than their regular price, so for me, this was retail heaven!

I was able to buy a simple DKNY top for everyday use for £10 and I also bought two books, one by Kelly Cutrone (boss of People's Revolution) and a book on the late Alexander Mcqueen's past collections throughout his fashion career (Genius of a Generation).

I was also lucky enough to buy a ticket to view the catwalk show, where the models showcased the clothes being sold inside Somerset House for the consumerist public. Zara Martin hosted the catwalk show and came across very well to the audience.

Afterwards, I met my grandparents for tea at the lovely Grosvenor House in central London, and ate just one too many scones!

(Pictures to be uploaded soon, I need to figure out how to upload them because has changed the format!)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Shopping on the Net

Some of you love shopping, others hate it. Some have too much time for it, others have none. In the past ten years or so, online shopping has become an increasing phenomenon with Asos seeing a rise in the number of customers shopping on their website during 2009, and pocketed an average amount of £223 million that year.  In January 2009, average online weekly sales hit £178 million for retail websites. This makes for about 4% of the market.

Online shopping has become a way of guilt-free shopping. You look, you purchase, it gets delivered to your front door. The afterthought of cost isn't relevant until the clothes arrive on your doormat, and you realise you have just spent your three months wages on the new Celine it-bag. In the store, you look at the item close up, try it on for size and end up over-thinking most purchases and not buying them after seeing them in the flesh. Online the perfectly angled, clear-cut photographs seem to invite the customer to scream 'That's amazing I want it' and allow zero queuing time and quick entered credit card details or already stored details, which makes the process even faster. Within minutes the customer has bought 'impulse buys'. Nevertheless, its uses are endless. For deliver-to-your-home comforts, without the weightiness of dragging around 10 different bags along oxford street, it is simply a god send. The best part? If it doesn't fit or look good, you can send it straight back. For women who work full-time Internet shopping has become something of a saviour, meaning they can do high-end or high-street shopping from the comforts of their plush office chair or from their portable laptop at home.

The best high-end websites: /

The best high-st websites: (Asos also covers designer outlet as well as affordable high street fashion)

Les Khakis De Chanel

Chanel's new shades for AW10

Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose & Khaki Vert
(Brown Khaki, Pink Khaki, Green Khaki)

Limited Edition and very soon to-be-spotted on the fashions editors nails for AW

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Would you wear it?

A-line is one of the new seasons shapes for skirts, along with maxi's still fresh from the summer and new midi-length skirts as seen at Prada. Denim is still very much on trend and these two trends have been translated into a skirt first seen on the catwalk for Stella McCartney last season for SS10.

It has now been copied by retailers Reiss and Topshop into similar looking skirts for this season.

Reiss - £89

Topshop - £35

Now, don't get me wrong I love these skirts as an item, but when I look at these I can't help but think of my mum circa 1990's wearing these to work and taking me to school. They are nice but so...mumsy. However way you wear them - with a camel silk blouse or tan leather brogues, your still going to look older than your age. Perhaps this is one trend to skip out on.


I feel like I have missed out on so much since I've been AWOL and boy, have I. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can write down all my thoughts from the past few months into less posts than I would have originally have hoped for but with everything that I feel I need to say.

In case you've been absent from the universe, gone blind or asleep you must know that camel is the new colour for AW 10. Camel is everywhere! On coats, skirts, shirts, bags, oh my gosh the list just goes on. Nearly every fashion retailer is fast stocking their shops with items following this colour trend. Even I have latched onto this trend by buying a camel coloured duffel coat from Topshop (the go-to place for on-trend items, obviously at high st prices) and I will shortly be posting pictures of me wearing it.

Chloe was a big supporter of camel this season with nearly their entire AW collection being in some type of camel hue and also tan, oatmeal and chambray. It showcased camel pussy-bow silk blouses, high waisted/wide-legged camel trousers, skinny deep tan belts and long masculine coats.

This season camel has already been spotted on by the likes of Alexa Chung, Blake lively and included in the collections of Prada, Chloe, Gucci, Chanel and more.


Chloe AW10

Warehouse, Topshop, River Island, Asos, Urban Outfitters have all stocked their shelves with knitted camel jumpers, a-line camel skirts, duffel coats and parkas and fitted trousers. Hurry up and buybuybuy before it sells out!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Out of Action

Having been noticeably absent from my blog for the past two months after having been away and having no access to a computer, it has made me incredibly nostalgic for blogging. I have missed collecting together my thoughts into post upon post of a mishmash of all that is going on in the fashion world and commenting upon current fashion related affairs.

Being without my computer has made me reconsider what type of writing I would like to take this blog in the direction of. I hope to choose a less directional way of blogging and instead of talking about just current trends I would like to focus on other matters (still fashion related) but things that can be approached with a broader mind.

As for now, I'll be back to normal blogging from now on.

S x

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Would you dare?

We've had henna tattoos by Chanel which were largely popular if slightly tinged by the price tag but for many fashionistas one-off by-products of fashion, they have no limit to the cost of the newest trend or style. Dior has attempted to take the concept of affordable and noticeable designer fashion and rework it to make it available to the general/high-st consumer at more reasonable prices. Copying the tattoo concept of Chanel would be flattery at its highest, yet slightly pushing the boundaries of 'cheating by stealing anothers idea'. Next stop: contacts. Contacts?!

Christian Dior has made the bold move to create contacts which can be worn by anyone at a low price for affordable fashion. In a range of up to 3 colours each contact has gold lining with a small CD in the corner of the contact. But, look carefully or you might just pass them by. Can you imagine photographing Alexa Chung wearing these on the front row? Hm...

Interesting, makes food for thought.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Miu Miu

My love for Miu Miu has always been expressed deeply in my blog and this seasons collection is no exception. From the moment I saw Carey Mulligan sporting that gorgeous lilac flowery dress in May at the Met Costume Institute Gala before the collection had even been previewed I knew I had fallen in love with Miu Miu...again.

She looked so chic and cute with her pixie-cropped hair that I automatically knew I had to see more of this collection even if it was just on her.

AND to top this collection off, it has featured on 2 July covers can you believe it? Well I can and I'm not surprised. This months Elle features Lily Allen wearing the purple dress as seen:

I cannot believe they have featured Lily twice this year as their cover star, but she pulls this dress off well and as soon as my Elle arrived last week I was thrilled they had chosen this dress for her.

W magazine also features the yellow/mustard coloured dress on the gorgeous Eva Mendes as shown:

Why are you so amazing Miu Miu?!


ACNE (slight gasp and the following sound of ahhh), the cult swedish design studios of ACNE continue to astound me with their perfect clothes, furniture, shoes.. the list goes on.
Having a slight mad obsession with ACNE as we speak and obsessing over their latest SS10 and AW10 collections. I went to Harrods last week and upon spotting ACNE's section I tried on all the clothes and the shoes as I had seen on Elin Kling of Style by Kling blogger -

So upon seeing them I immediately had to try them on and also screech squeals of delight at the fact that they were in the sale from £570 to £342!! BUT no I couldn't have them. Must get a job first...

I am also obsessed with ACNE's jeans with 3 cleverly placed metal plates over the jean leg.

They don't yet have the jeans up on the website but this is a similar pair found online at

I am now a transformed ACNE lover. They are opening their London store this July 15th and I will be blogging all the way when they open the store which will contain clothes and furniture.

My top 3 favourite pieces of this collection have to be:


Maxi skirt - £380

Sheepskin jacket - £1140


Tie-dye jeans SALE £153

Untill the 15th July, you can buy online at or

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Portobello Market

On Friday I went to portobello market with my best friend lauren. It took a while on the stuffy, claustraphobic underground but we made it and ventured out for the day into the exciting world of portobello.
I discovered some amazing shops and stalls and spent the afternoon haggling down prices and buying items that I loved.
My favourite food shop was of course Hummingbird bakery where lauren and I bought a cupcake each which in my honest opinion were so amazing they could have been better than Lola's!

I bought a ring which was originally from the 70's its gorgeous. I also got some john lennon circle sunglasses for... £5 - bargain! and a crop top from american apparel and lastly a vogue from 1993 - the year I was born!

My favourite store was 285 where they sold tonnes of vintage clothes as well as a huge amount of vintage Vogue's from the 70's onwards for low prices.