Tuesday, 27 April 2010

En mes vacances...

I went out for dinner recently in Del Ray beach in South Florida and afterwards we walked along past all the restaurant and came across this AMAZING cupcake shop with amazing decor!

                          Cupcake Couture!

And the best part was that the cupcakes were all named after designers! This one is called 'Jimmy Choo-colate'

                  'Cocoa Chanel'. Brilliant.

Some of the cupcakes include - Halston, Tory Burch, Jean Paul Gaultier, Coco Chanel, Jimmy Choo and more. So sad I dont remember the name of the store.

It was so eclectic with the designs and retro it wasnt like any sweet or cupcake shop i'd seen before. Anyone fancy getting one like this in England?

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