Saturday, 29 May 2010

London College of Fashion presents...

Next Thursday night ( 3rd June) I have been invited (invitation only) to attend London College of Fashion's Graduate Collection of 2010.

I am so so excited to go, because if you have read one of my earlier posts, you would have seen how I'm not able to make Graduate Fashion Week because I will be taking my exams all that week which is very annoying. However, I have been privileged to have been invited to attend the LCF private debut of their Graduate collection before the general public does.

It will be very interesting to attend and I am expecting the unexpected as fashion takes your own form of expression so each student's collection will be entirely different from one another. These students have probably been working on their collection for a long time and hope to be picked up by a buyer or to be given advice in now how to further their career. Fashion is completely art to me however you express it.

As soon as Thursday is up I will be sure to post some pictures of the event and give you my sneak peek into the creations of LCF students.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Slight nail polish obsession coming over here...

Ok. It's official. Since I have purchased 'Particuliere' I have become quite infatuated with my nail polish colours and also it may be contributed to the fact that I would rather spend my time thinking about nail varnishes rather than what subject I next have to revise for. CHANEL in particular I have come to adore and my mission is to collect all 500+ nail polishes from the ENTIRE collection. Fantasies aside, (and reality) I really would like to get a few more Chanel nail polish colours for this summer. Here are some Chanel summer colours:

1.  Chanel - Jade 407

2. Lilac Sky 210 ( an alternative would be Mistal 517, which is just as gorgeous)

3. Nouvelle Vague 527
Beyonce is wearing this Chanel shade in her brand new video for 'Why don't you love me?'
She looks so great in all her vintage, such a perfect crazy version of a 50's housewife.

4. Rivera 537 and also Tendress 507 is a lighter shade and gorgeous too.

5. Particuliere 505

6. Inattendu 503

However, at around £16 each they are expensive so choose wisely!

Also, I have been very keen and wanting to buy the Chanel transferrable henna tattoos (wow thats a long sentence for that) for a while now, pretty much ever since I viewed the Chanel SS10 show on

However, they cost £50 .. yep - £50 you heard right. Personally, I love them and all but tattoos that will fade just doesnt justify me spending that much money. Maybe if I win the lottery I will treat myself...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

On request...TRIBAL WEAR

On the request of a friend, she has asked me to create a post on tribal clothes for this summer. She is having a tribal themed party this summer and is stuck on items that would be suitable to wear.
I have done my research and here are my top 10 buys for tribal wear:

Asos £60

Asos £22

Lipsy £75

River Island £12.99

Asos £28

Topshop £25

Topshop £45

Topshop £110

Topshop £16

and of course, what's complete without a set of crazy tribal nails!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

London Graduate Fashion Week

Wow, this really sucks. I would seriously LOVE to go to graduate fashion week but unfortunately I seem to be doing my busiest week of exams from the 6th June - 10th June so it looks like I'm not going to be going. However, I am certain that fresh talent will get scouted and within a year they will have evolved and may even be household names?

Admission starts at £8 upwards and it starts around 11am each day until about 7pm. Check on for more details. Graduate fashion week was started in 1991 to allow colleges to showcase their students talents. Since then it has thrived and become an important and integral part of fashion by being able to support and show the amazing talents of the students.

Past winners have been presented the award by renowned and important people in the industry of fashion. These people include (to name a few): Zhandra Rhodes, Henry Holland, Mathew Williamson, Giles Deacon, Claudia Schiffer, Lorraine Candy (Editor of Elle UK) and more. If you have a chance to go, I suggest you do, the best part is you have no idea what to expect because each designer is different and each have a different vision. Enjoy xo

Friday, 21 May 2010


I have been lusting over this nail polish for quite some time now, but as the fates would have it, every time I try to buy it...SOLD OUT.
"I'm sorry, we just sold our last one" or "We might (emphasis on the might) get it in next week, but I can't promise it".

Well, being able to get this nail polish seemed like a far away task and something as unachievable as winning a gold medal at the olympics.. okay maybe not quite. BUT, finally, I have it! The beautiful shade that is 'Particuliere' has come into my possession all thanks to my wonderful mother who spotting it in London snapped it up for me. Bringing it home as a surprise I immediately painted it on and received admirable glances and stares from my mum's friends - 'Oooh, aaah, wow is that the Chanel hard-to-get-hold-of nail polish?'. You know what I said ... yes, and you can't borrow it because its mineminemine.

In the flesh...(yes thats it)


I have to apologise for the camera quality .. or lack thereof, my camera is playing up a bit so will have to rely on bb and other sources of photography.

It's funny, but when I got the nail polish I expected more of a grey colour but it looked quite brown, but then on it perfomed some kind of magical change and once it had dried it was suddenly grey and even more amazing.

Lily Allen performing at the SS10 Chanel show wearing none other than 'Particuliere'.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


It seems since Michelle Obama spoke about her love for J Crew and wore it at the inauguration with her children wearing it also, the world has gone J Crew mad!
From yesterday, (19/05/10)  has started to stock J Crew and its selling out fast. So get your fingers on the mouse and start buying!

A few of my fave pieces include this cream and pink maxi dress, the white and black striped dress and cream chandelier earings. Elegant, and perfectionalistic. Whats better than that?




Tuesday, 18 May 2010


In all seriousness, if I owned all the shoes I posted about I would be most probably happier, bankrupt and about five inches taller!
Surfing the web I came across these sparkly, Miu Miu shoes quite different from the rest of the collection being that they don't contain pictures of cats, or dogs or women?

Available on and at £365, dreamy... and dreaming on.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Asos Black

Since hearing about Asos's own upcoming individual line to be called Asos Black I have been super excited because as an avid lover and admittedly quite a stalker of all the clothes at Asos I have been waiting in anticipation for Asos Black with around only 30 different pieces. Asos Black contains around 8 dresses, a few tops, skirts, jewellery and other unique pieces. It takes notes from Parisian couture and turns it into stylistic work of arts suitable for any woman.

The dresses are organza dressed and suitable for prom, weddings, bar/batmitzahs, parties or any smart occasion and at a reasonable price of £120 for the most expensive and at the least expensive dress at £50; perfect.

My favourite piece of the whole collection takes it plaudits from Burberry Prorsums SS10 collection and takes a stylish twist on the English trench coat. Very fashionable and at £100, something that should last a long time!

I love the rouging on the shoulders which make it have a 3Dimensional effect. However, I would have to say that I am disappointed that it does not have any buttons on the outside as it would have to be tied up with the belt in the middle of the coat. It has buttons on the inside but that would be fiddly and quite frankly very irritating. Don't buy this jacket for comfort, wear it for style.

Compare this ASOS Black coat at £100 to this Burberry Prorsum coat at £1195

Not too much of a difference. If I were you, I'd ogle at the Burberry coat but get some sense and buy the Asos Black one. Its almost £1000 cheaper and I'm sure not many people could tell the difference.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Dove Advert with Rachel Berry/ Lea Michele

emGlee/em's Lea Michele Cashes In!

Isn't she amazing. I just LOVE all things Glee!


Erdem, the mind behind the florals and the man who has even dressed the EX-prime ministers wife, Sarah Brown and also the current presidents wife - Michelle Obama, is on the receiving end of my trend envy.

His methods for his designs have greatly influenced me both because I love florals and also because he has managed to dress such influential women in elegant clothing, suitable for their age.

This dress is from his SS10 collection and at £1,555..pretty pricey! I think we should leave the Erdem dresses to the presidential or influential leaders wives.

However, I have been thinking about sunglasses for this summer. What shape? Size? Colour?
So many different designs to choose from: Rose tinted, Ombre, Plastic, Tortoise shell, quite frankly too many.

Sunglasses. What springs to mind? Round/ angular, trendy, ugly, a shade to hide behind? Well, I believe Erdem has the solution to every girls problem. In his new SS10 collection he has also included a range of fabulous sunglasses. I've been lusting over them for quite a while, and hopefully I will be able to find something very similar.. at a much lower price before the summer's up.

I really love them both and think there really eye-catching and different! The colourful ones, I doubt any sane person could pull them off whilst wearing colour without looking like a circus freak but the brown pair are perfect.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I know my last post was dedicated to designer shoes, and it actually made me feel sad that I couldn't have them because:
1) Impossible to get hold of, sold out everywhere
2) V. expensive

So that would be a no then?

However, I have been looking for some on-trend clogs for this summer to buy more in the >£100 range
These are my top three favourites!

1) The first pair are from ASOS
2) The second pair are from URBAN OUTFITTERS
3) The third pair are from TOPSHOP (pss these are my ultimate fave)

Which are your favourite?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Miu Miu part II

If you read one of my earlier posts you would know how I mentioned how much I was loving the Miu Miu S/S10 collection not just the clothes but especially THE SHOES
Well, I think I have managed to narrow it down to just a few shoes from about 100 pairs of my absolute favourites...

So beautiful! I want them all!

Friday, 7 May 2010

My Fashion Icon

A fashion icon.. someone you admire, maybe someone you aspire to be like or even look like.
For me my fashion icon is someone who has stood the test of time (even though shes only in her 40's) and still managed to look absolutely amazing in everything that she wears.

For the past few decades she has tried out nearly every trend in the book and not in the book and each one has always been more magnificent than the last.

Some might disagree and find her style too 'out there' or not practical. But who says fashion is practical? Lady Gaga manages to pull it off every time!

Yes, Lady Gaga is amazing but as she is emerged only as a fashion icon for some over the past few years I wouldn't be able to say that her style influences me because 1. I think I would look like very silly in anything she wore and 2. Only Gaga can pull it off!

However, my style icon is in fact

Even though I may look back at old photographs of her and think what was she wearing! At the time it was the epitome of fashion and was individual and that's what separated her from the rest of the 'icons'. She pushed fashion boundaries and still continues to do so...

and of course... the iconic VIVIENNE WESTWOOD

I cannot. repeat. not wait until SATC2 comes out this month! I cant wait for all the amazing clothes

My Favourite S/S 10 Trends

I know it sounds a lot.. but these are my favourite SEVEN trends for spring/summer 10. At some point or another I will try and achieve some of these looks but untill that day I can dream...

1. Gingham
2. Clogs
3. Leather
4. Underwear on display!
5. Sports Luxe
6. Double Denim
7. Digital Prints

Christopher Kane


Alexander Wang


Alexander Wang


What are your favourites?