Thursday, 8 July 2010

Would you dare?

We've had henna tattoos by Chanel which were largely popular if slightly tinged by the price tag but for many fashionistas one-off by-products of fashion, they have no limit to the cost of the newest trend or style. Dior has attempted to take the concept of affordable and noticeable designer fashion and rework it to make it available to the general/high-st consumer at more reasonable prices. Copying the tattoo concept of Chanel would be flattery at its highest, yet slightly pushing the boundaries of 'cheating by stealing anothers idea'. Next stop: contacts. Contacts?!

Christian Dior has made the bold move to create contacts which can be worn by anyone at a low price for affordable fashion. In a range of up to 3 colours each contact has gold lining with a small CD in the corner of the contact. But, look carefully or you might just pass them by. Can you imagine photographing Alexa Chung wearing these on the front row? Hm...

Interesting, makes food for thought.

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