Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011 Show

One of my favourite shows from this season has to of course be Burberry's SS11 collection. The clothes took an edgier turn with sharp detailing and flashes of fluorescent colours of orange, lime and baby blue in the clutch bags and thin belts.

Christopher Bailey the man who can make a thousand stylish coats from one simple trench created a whole new Burberry aesthetic whilst keeping the timeless trench coats and adding new flair and zest to an otherwise always perfect collection.

The studded £15,000 biker jacket really took my attention but then the girl wearing it managed my capture my attention just that little bit more... Poor old Nina Porter, only sixteen years old and she's already gone and done a Naomi Campbell circa 1994 at Vivenne Westwood. You can't help but feel sorry for her in those teetering heels as she falls, but I have to give her support as she regained her grace by hopping off one foot.

There was great controversy over the use of snake-skin jackets for a few items and many fashionistas are questioning the true price of fashion? Would you wear real snake-skin if you heard how it was made?

The main attributes of this line were leather (lots and lots of it!), camel tones, fluerescent belts, bags and a few smock type dresses. Tight leather trousers and legging type trousers were commonly seen on most models and if this a sign for the future, well then...personally I can't wait! A few metallic items were featured which although they are of course without a doubt gorgeous, I can't help but be reminded of Balmain everytime I now see metallics or glitter. Maybe not so original?

However, I really am in love with the bags and the studded leather cropped trenches, they are a totally different direction for Burberry and therefore this is why Burberry is my favourite SS11 collection so far.

             (A few celebrities on the front row... Sarah Jessica Parker included)

Now we just wait until this season is seen on the fashionistas of the world. Who do you think will be next to pull of these looks?

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