Sunday, 12 September 2010

Shopping on the Net

Some of you love shopping, others hate it. Some have too much time for it, others have none. In the past ten years or so, online shopping has become an increasing phenomenon with Asos seeing a rise in the number of customers shopping on their website during 2009, and pocketed an average amount of £223 million that year.  In January 2009, average online weekly sales hit £178 million for retail websites. This makes for about 4% of the market.

Online shopping has become a way of guilt-free shopping. You look, you purchase, it gets delivered to your front door. The afterthought of cost isn't relevant until the clothes arrive on your doormat, and you realise you have just spent your three months wages on the new Celine it-bag. In the store, you look at the item close up, try it on for size and end up over-thinking most purchases and not buying them after seeing them in the flesh. Online the perfectly angled, clear-cut photographs seem to invite the customer to scream 'That's amazing I want it' and allow zero queuing time and quick entered credit card details or already stored details, which makes the process even faster. Within minutes the customer has bought 'impulse buys'. Nevertheless, its uses are endless. For deliver-to-your-home comforts, without the weightiness of dragging around 10 different bags along oxford street, it is simply a god send. The best part? If it doesn't fit or look good, you can send it straight back. For women who work full-time Internet shopping has become something of a saviour, meaning they can do high-end or high-street shopping from the comforts of their plush office chair or from their portable laptop at home.

The best high-end websites: /

The best high-st websites: (Asos also covers designer outlet as well as affordable high street fashion)

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