Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Slight nail polish obsession coming over here...

Ok. It's official. Since I have purchased 'Particuliere' I have become quite infatuated with my nail polish colours and also it may be contributed to the fact that I would rather spend my time thinking about nail varnishes rather than what subject I next have to revise for. CHANEL in particular I have come to adore and my mission is to collect all 500+ nail polishes from the ENTIRE collection. Fantasies aside, (and reality) I really would like to get a few more Chanel nail polish colours for this summer. Here are some Chanel summer colours:

1.  Chanel - Jade 407

2. Lilac Sky 210 ( an alternative would be Mistal 517, which is just as gorgeous)

3. Nouvelle Vague 527
Beyonce is wearing this Chanel shade in her brand new video for 'Why don't you love me?'
She looks so great in all her vintage, such a perfect crazy version of a 50's housewife.

4. Rivera 537 and also Tendress 507 is a lighter shade and gorgeous too.

5. Particuliere 505

6. Inattendu 503

However, at around £16 each they are expensive so choose wisely!

Also, I have been very keen and wanting to buy the Chanel transferrable henna tattoos (wow thats a long sentence for that) for a while now, pretty much ever since I viewed the Chanel SS10 show on

However, they cost £50 .. yep - £50 you heard right. Personally, I love them and all but tattoos that will fade just doesnt justify me spending that much money. Maybe if I win the lottery I will treat myself...

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