Friday, 7 May 2010

My Fashion Icon

A fashion icon.. someone you admire, maybe someone you aspire to be like or even look like.
For me my fashion icon is someone who has stood the test of time (even though shes only in her 40's) and still managed to look absolutely amazing in everything that she wears.

For the past few decades she has tried out nearly every trend in the book and not in the book and each one has always been more magnificent than the last.

Some might disagree and find her style too 'out there' or not practical. But who says fashion is practical? Lady Gaga manages to pull it off every time!

Yes, Lady Gaga is amazing but as she is emerged only as a fashion icon for some over the past few years I wouldn't be able to say that her style influences me because 1. I think I would look like very silly in anything she wore and 2. Only Gaga can pull it off!

However, my style icon is in fact

Even though I may look back at old photographs of her and think what was she wearing! At the time it was the epitome of fashion and was individual and that's what separated her from the rest of the 'icons'. She pushed fashion boundaries and still continues to do so...

and of course... the iconic VIVIENNE WESTWOOD

I cannot. repeat. not wait until SATC2 comes out this month! I cant wait for all the amazing clothes

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