Thursday, 13 May 2010


Erdem, the mind behind the florals and the man who has even dressed the EX-prime ministers wife, Sarah Brown and also the current presidents wife - Michelle Obama, is on the receiving end of my trend envy.

His methods for his designs have greatly influenced me both because I love florals and also because he has managed to dress such influential women in elegant clothing, suitable for their age.

This dress is from his SS10 collection and at £1,555..pretty pricey! I think we should leave the Erdem dresses to the presidential or influential leaders wives.

However, I have been thinking about sunglasses for this summer. What shape? Size? Colour?
So many different designs to choose from: Rose tinted, Ombre, Plastic, Tortoise shell, quite frankly too many.

Sunglasses. What springs to mind? Round/ angular, trendy, ugly, a shade to hide behind? Well, I believe Erdem has the solution to every girls problem. In his new SS10 collection he has also included a range of fabulous sunglasses. I've been lusting over them for quite a while, and hopefully I will be able to find something very similar.. at a much lower price before the summer's up.

I really love them both and think there really eye-catching and different! The colourful ones, I doubt any sane person could pull them off whilst wearing colour without looking like a circus freak but the brown pair are perfect.


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