Friday, 21 May 2010


I have been lusting over this nail polish for quite some time now, but as the fates would have it, every time I try to buy it...SOLD OUT.
"I'm sorry, we just sold our last one" or "We might (emphasis on the might) get it in next week, but I can't promise it".

Well, being able to get this nail polish seemed like a far away task and something as unachievable as winning a gold medal at the olympics.. okay maybe not quite. BUT, finally, I have it! The beautiful shade that is 'Particuliere' has come into my possession all thanks to my wonderful mother who spotting it in London snapped it up for me. Bringing it home as a surprise I immediately painted it on and received admirable glances and stares from my mum's friends - 'Oooh, aaah, wow is that the Chanel hard-to-get-hold-of nail polish?'. You know what I said ... yes, and you can't borrow it because its mineminemine.

In the flesh...(yes thats it)


I have to apologise for the camera quality .. or lack thereof, my camera is playing up a bit so will have to rely on bb and other sources of photography.

It's funny, but when I got the nail polish I expected more of a grey colour but it looked quite brown, but then on it perfomed some kind of magical change and once it had dried it was suddenly grey and even more amazing.

Lily Allen performing at the SS10 Chanel show wearing none other than 'Particuliere'.

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