Monday, 17 May 2010

Asos Black

Since hearing about Asos's own upcoming individual line to be called Asos Black I have been super excited because as an avid lover and admittedly quite a stalker of all the clothes at Asos I have been waiting in anticipation for Asos Black with around only 30 different pieces. Asos Black contains around 8 dresses, a few tops, skirts, jewellery and other unique pieces. It takes notes from Parisian couture and turns it into stylistic work of arts suitable for any woman.

The dresses are organza dressed and suitable for prom, weddings, bar/batmitzahs, parties or any smart occasion and at a reasonable price of £120 for the most expensive and at the least expensive dress at £50; perfect.

My favourite piece of the whole collection takes it plaudits from Burberry Prorsums SS10 collection and takes a stylish twist on the English trench coat. Very fashionable and at £100, something that should last a long time!

I love the rouging on the shoulders which make it have a 3Dimensional effect. However, I would have to say that I am disappointed that it does not have any buttons on the outside as it would have to be tied up with the belt in the middle of the coat. It has buttons on the inside but that would be fiddly and quite frankly very irritating. Don't buy this jacket for comfort, wear it for style.

Compare this ASOS Black coat at £100 to this Burberry Prorsum coat at £1195

Not too much of a difference. If I were you, I'd ogle at the Burberry coat but get some sense and buy the Asos Black one. Its almost £1000 cheaper and I'm sure not many people could tell the difference.

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