Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Céline woman

The Celine woman is elegant. She may not be extra tall, or extraordinary but she has a special quality. That quality has that extra 'je ne sais quoi', I guess it could be called style. It stems from the magnificent Pheobe Philo who is the creative director and board member of Celine, she creates women this way. You may have a plain Jane but put her in some Celine clothes and BAM she is now the 'Celine woman'. She walks taller, struts harder, sashays her hips more vehemently and every man turns to look at her and gawp.

Pheobe Philo is the epitome of style. She was born in Paris but she was educated in England. Best of both cultures I believe. She has been able to see the Parisien culture that surrounds every corner of Paris and the quirky and individuality that surrounds England. She has an ability to design and capture each outfit so perfectly, that every woman who wears these clothes will transcend time. Me? One day I will hopefully be a Celine woman and then I can transcend time too.

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