Friday, 18 June 2010

Vogue - July

I have to admit, this months Vogue is just pure genius. I must have spent the past 3 days reading it so much in depth and trying to grasp the concept of every interview, every piece of style advice and thoughts on ageless beauty. This month's cover star was of course for ageless beauty, the gorgeous Cameron Diaz. She exudes and radiates glamour and in my opinion never seems to age... how does she do it?!

You know that awkward time between SS collections and AW collections where you are not sure if you should be following the SS trend or the AW trends? This month, Vogue has featured this years pre-collections. This pre-collection helps warm you in to the AW collections nicely but not totally full on if you get what I mean? That full on time is catwalk surprise only.

1. Red
2. High-waisted trousers
3. Leopard Prints
4. Military
5. Midi

Thoughts? Shocked? Surprised? Prepared. Gosh, I am so not ready for red. I mean red, its really not my colour and personally I find it quite a deep colour, insightful, thoughtful but never me. How can I put this? When I think of red I think of things like death, blood, gore, you see where this is going, I just couldnt wear it. But, knowing what I'm like - the trend-whore, I will probably be contradicting my words this time next season decked out in red (although I hope I do it well).

I have the most gorgeous high-waisted vintage trousers my grandma gave me last summer when we were clearing out her wardrobe of all the junk she owned from the 70's and 80's the stuff that  for me is so retro is for her well 'mutton dressed like lamb'. So she welcomes me to take whatever I please and I choose a few massive shoulder-padded blazers, you know last year when big shoulders were MASSIVE ... and I mean massive and I was attempting to channel the whole Balmain look. Well, I also took 2 pairs of high-waisted trousers in dark blue and light blue and aaah I love them and true to form they can be tapered at the end or just left loose, they look great either way. Cannot wait to wear them this winter.

Ok there is one thing I hate more than red and that is - leopard print. When I think of leopard print, I think of Cruella DeVil and old cranky grannies trying to dress youthful with smudged lipstick and jet-black eyeshadow. Yuck! Personally, if in doubt with leopard print, take my advice - wear in moderation please. It does not look great with your full on leopard print top, trousers, belt and fur coat, so just choose one item.

Military ok ok I LOVE THIS. Truly truly truly love the military look. My mum had a gorgeous military jacket a few years ago, but stupidly chucked it away. I bought a pair of military style khaki shorts a few days ago, and I'm pretty excited to wear them.

Lastly, midi - midi, midi, midi, what do we do with you eh? We try you long, we try you short but for this season it seems just below the knee is the way to go as shown at many designers such a Marc Jacobs. I like midi, its elegant, sophisticated and classy. It's not easy to get right, but take inspiration from the catwalk and stores like Zara and Mango will be pushing this trend it no time.

The most awesome interview EVER with karl lagerfeld was taken by Alexa Chung and I really am insanely jealous that she got to have an interview with such a fashion God. I don't want to give away the context, but man its soo good and you have to buy this month's Vogue to check it out so what you waiting for...Go get it!

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