Sunday, 13 June 2010


These past few weeks have been so hectic I have not had much time to blog, which has meant that my blogging thoughts have built up and up so I have a lot to blog about now! FIRSTLY...
omgah LADY GAGA ... I went to see her on the sunday night of half term and no words describe how totally amazing she really is and what a fantastic performer she shows herself to be. I have always been a strong supporter of Lady Gaga. I find her to be so creative and inspiring for so many people all over the world with her music & lyrics, her music videos, her concerts, her interviews and of course unbelievable clothes. Along with her 'Haus of Gaga' she creates an indivuality that no-one can beat.

Of course don't let me forget to mention her new video of Alejandro -

She's just so great, she pushes boundaries that no other artist dare to push. From the religious references to the feminist values shown through this video, she honestly does it like no other. She always her audience to view her however they want.

This leads me on to her concert, which of course as expected was just breathtaking. The one thing that I did not expect was such intimate closeness and releationship with the audience, such attatchment. When she says she loves her little monsters, she means it. After each song, she would talk to the audience about her day, matters related to her and create a feeling of unison among Gaga fans. She made her fans feel special. I quote - "All of you little monsters here tonight, tonight you can be whoever you want to be and we won't judge, and my monsters, the good thing is, all the freaks are the ones outside and guess what - I've locked the fucking doors". She gives us the power to feel free. In the 'Bad Romance' video she repeats 'I'm a free bitch baby!', maybe if we were as free as her we could be just as great.

Here are some pictures from her concert.

If you can I suggest you go to see her in concert, her next concert this year is around December time and if you want to go you should buy tickets soon as they will definately sell out!

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