Tuesday, 1 June 2010


It is Spring right? I have got the correct season - non? Am I only person here who is slightly surprised at this month's choice of cover star and cover for July Elle.

Let me explain...

Kristen Stewart - yes of the teen sensation 'Twilight' or known to many as 'Bella Swan' is this months cover star for Elle. Now, don't get me wrong, she is great and her style is to be commended for someone who is not particularly interested in fashion, she gets along just fine. She doesn't conform to what other people want her to wear and follows her own path of style. However, for this months summer cover Elle has decided to use her, dress her in black, have a black and white cover ... for the summer. Mind-storm, what comes to mind when I say the word summer? Florals, colours, silk, chiffon, pastels, elegance. I'm sorry Elle, but Kristen just does not tick any of those boxes. She would have been a good cover star to use over the wintery period but right now I can't say I approve of having such a dark cover for such a summery period, however, this could have been used to reflect this awful rainy weather. Running downstairs on saturday morning, feeling icky because of this horrible weather and hoping to be cheered up, I grabbed the post (nearly falling over in the process), ripped open the packaging and turned over my Elle magazine to reveal something I really didn't expect. But maybe Elle this was your strategy all along?

I really love you Elle, but please please for next month could you have a summer cover and try to raise my blogging spirits.

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