Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Portobello Market

On Friday I went to portobello market with my best friend lauren. It took a while on the stuffy, claustraphobic underground but we made it and ventured out for the day into the exciting world of portobello.
I discovered some amazing shops and stalls and spent the afternoon haggling down prices and buying items that I loved.
My favourite food shop was of course Hummingbird bakery where lauren and I bought a cupcake each which in my honest opinion were so amazing they could have been better than Lola's!

I bought a ring which was originally from the 70's its gorgeous. I also got some john lennon circle sunglasses for... £5 - bargain! and a crop top from american apparel and lastly a vogue from 1993 - the year I was born!

My favourite store was 285 where they sold tonnes of vintage clothes as well as a huge amount of vintage Vogue's from the 70's onwards for low prices.

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